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From 1983 to 1995, the Beat Farmers were one of the greatest bands ever!
The Beat Farmers played music as it should be played - with integrity.

Country Dick Montana, Jerry Raney, Joey Harris, and Rolle Love were this traveling musical pleasure experience that will never be duplicated ever again. If you ever saw the BFers, you know what I mean. They played a powerful combination of music and mayhem and added a large dose of stage presence to provide a live show that was truly one of a kind.

These pages will give you some background regarding who the band was, how they came to be, and how it all ended on November 8, 1995 when a true "one of a kind" legend was lost doing what he loved most - playing music in front of a live crowd. Country Dick Montana was one of the leaders of the Beat Farmers, a band known for its raucous live performances. He carved a path into the heart of every fan that ever witnessed their shows. While the incarnation of the Beat Farmers will never be duplicated again, we can still enjoy the legacy of music and fun that he and the band left behind.

Celebrate the Beat Farmers every January in San Diego. A tradition has started to have the remaining BFer members to share the stage in honor of Country Dick Montana and Buddy Blue. So if you are so inclined, join the
Country Dick Facebook page to be kept up to date with the exact dates.

For those looking for the Home Of Country Dick Montana, look no further. It is available
here! Hear the bonus tracks like the Bud commercial as well!

The "PAY UP CHEATERS- The Story of The Beat Farmers” DVDs
are all gone!

In January 2013, the SDAM site was morphed into this site to allow for updates and a more permanent tribute to the Beat Farmers. Of course, you can still find the news about the remaining members by visiting their
respective sites. The discography section now has detailed album information as well.

This website is the original Beat Farmer website

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